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Gearheads get their spudgers into an iPhone 11 Pro Max: Bi-lateral charging, anyone?

Charlie Clark Silver badge

My S5 has flown several times from my handlebars in an Otterbox when I failed to lock it in entirely, otherwise it was in a € 10 case with cover. No problems. The S10e is a Quadlock case all the time and, again, no problems so far.

Mind you, also got a mate with a Blackphone? (cheapish, hardened thingy anyway) which he's almost demolished by running into things with it in his trousers. I think a direct hit on a washing machine saved him from stitches and means he'll need a new screen protector at some point.

Worth noting that even in a good case, a phone isn't a Thinkpad™, so don't go driving over them! And don't give kids the bling!

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