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Oh it's true, in one case at least. Droitwich, the primary MW/LW transmitter for England & Wales, suffered transmission drops back in the50s? 60s? long time ago anyway, leading to widespread complaints. The signal drop was traced to a farmer who was powering his home (and his bloody milking parlour!) from a Tesla Coil in his attic.

Whether that was just one of many such incidents, or the seed for a thousand urban legends, who can say?

Droitwich was also well known for the engineers' habit of scaring visiting dignitaries by carrying fluorescent tubes through the RF gallery, whereupon they would light up with the light of a thousand suns (well, of a couple of fluorescent tubes, at least), and for the story of the staff tog, taking photos for the 50th anniversary edition of the Radio Times who decided the RF gallery would make a wonderful image. Holding his light meter high to get the perfect exposure, the resulting arc welded one of his shoes to the gantry. He survived, but the remains of his shoe became a favourite subject during safety inductions for a long time afterwards.

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