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"Metal mesh? What heresy is that, unless you like your brew bitter? Paper tends to sorb (bitter) polyphenols."

A friend of mine is a coffee snob. He turns his nose up at anyone who adds anything to coffee. It must be black with nothing added, not milk and certainly not sugar! I'd not be surprised to learn that he also uses metal filters because the paper ones might affect the flavour.

I did once suggest to him that coffee as we drink it is, by definition, adulterated before you even buy the beans but he was having none of it. I mean, have you seen what processing they do to the berries before they turn into the roasted beans you buy? It's not exactly a natural, unprocessed product, so if some people want to take those roast beans and process them further to their own liking and treat them as ingredients to be mixed with others, who are we to argue?

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