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It's a problem for both the website AND the autofill system

It's a problem for the website operator, because the website does not function correctly under all circumstances.

It's a problem caused by the fact that the browser (that does the autofill) sees only the limited HTML semantics of the input fields and has no knowledge of the extended validation being done in JavaScript. The HTML 5 validation extensions aren't good enough of themselves to sufficiently inform the autofill mechanism how to behave. It's never going to be possible to make it work perfectly with the current schizophrenic model of a web page on the one hand as static data and on the other as a self-modifying program.

From a privacy and security perspective, I prefer to have both autofill and JavaScript turned off and it surprising how many e-commerce sites break without JavaScript, but I suspect the number of potential customers affected is probably negligible...

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