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The '$4.4m a year' bug: Chipotle online orders swallowed by JavaScript credit-card form blunder

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> This isn't a problem with Chipotle's web site. It's an issue with the autofill program not entering the right information. Credit cards only have two year digits on them, it's silly to enter 4 digits. Autofill programs fail all the time, it's not the site dev's problem.

This is very much a problem with Chipotle's website, and a failure of their QA processes. Taking credit card payments should be a solved problem by now, not least because the ability to take monies from customers is fundamental to any business.

> Additionally, the idea that they're losing 0.5% of orders die to this comes directly from the "bug" finder's posterior. He sounds like a real idiot.

Do you even UI, bro?

Unless it's something they really need (e.g. concert tickets), people rarely have any patience when it comes to using ordering systems; if there's too many steps or any technical issues, they're highly likely to give up or switch to an alternative provider. This is why Amazon, Ebay and many other companies do their best to offer integrations and/or one-click solutions.

As to his guesstimate? The main question is around how many people use autofill for their credit card details, since they'll all be affected by this issue. Then, you need to figure out how many of them would recognise that they need to set a two-digit year - and further to that, how many would then be willing to dig the credit card out of their purse/wallet to retrieve the necessary information.

At a glance, I can't spot any stats for autofill usage, but assuming 25% of people store their card details, it's not unreasonable to assume that a measurable percentage of them (e.g. 4%, or one in twenty) would either give up at the first hurdle or decide that they couldn't be bothered to retrieve their piece of magic plastic...

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