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I’m confused, Starbucks cannot have baristas since they don’t sell coffee. I’m not sure the stuff they do sell, the very simple stuff with silly Italian names that don’t have piles of chocolate, whipped cream or flavoured syrups in them. That stuff is not coffee.

I have a burr grinder and an aeropress* and here in Dundee we are deeply, deeply blessed with our own coffee roaster and tea merchant. Been going for more than a century and their coffee is wonderful.

I recall we took our then teenaged daughters to Italy on holiday and they encountered proper coffee. When we returned they arranged to see their friends in, where else? Starbucks and came home crying that I had ‘ruined their palates’ by exposing them to proper coffee. The youngest now lives in the coffee nirvana which is New Zealand.

*inverted with a metal mesh filter carefully timed.

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