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"Sneaking into the country and not applying for admission would be illegal. That is not what is happening though."

actually, it IS happening.

Legit asylum claims require a hearing, and with Trump's new rules, they stay IN MEXICO waiting for it, maybe even for a couple of years. Otherwise, "just letting them in" lets them DISAPPEAR into the USA. Most do NOT show up for their hearings and something like 90% of them are denied asylum claims when they do.

"Asylum" is just one of those "key words and tricky phrases" these people are taught to say when they arrive (or are caught). Trump's rule changes are attempting to close this loophole, such as requiring asylum seekers to a) go to a port of entry, and b) remain in Mexico until their hearing. That and "the wall" should keep the sneak-ins out, but that's why we NEED the wall, because they ARE "sneaking in". And liberal interpretations allow them to SCAM the United States by saying those "key words and tricky phrases" so they can DISAPPEAR into the country, never to be seen again by law enforcement.

And that bit about "mistreating and abusing" these criminals is JUST a bunch of LIBERAL NONSENSE. I happen to live close enough to the border to see mountains in Mexico on a clear day (it's about a half hour drive to the border). So yeah, what goes on at the border is LOCAL news around here.

Liberal overly tolerant policies are qute literally acting like a MAGNET for caravans of illegals from Central America to cross Mexico just to sneak into the USA. Along the way they get RAPED, ROBBED, BEATEN, SCAMMED, EXPLOITED, and so on, even KILLED, and the caravans are run by MEMBERS OF THE DRUG CARTELS. Liberal policies are CAUSING these people to be ABUSED by giving them FALSE HOPES.

THAT should be considered too, ya know...

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