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Chef roasted for tech contract with family-separating US immigration, forks up attempt to quash protest

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Re: Not in my name, and not with my help.

Yeah, don't buy it.

Open source is about programmers being lazy (wrote this N times already, CBA to write it again).

So Open Source it and can use it next time I need that itch scratched.

To be clear, we don't care if anyone else uses it, we care that we can use it.

I refuse to work for the at present, that's not going to do anything but stop the inflated rate under offer from hitting my account. They don't give a single shit about me or my stance.

Have you considered that he cares about the US and is trying to make it a better place by this simple act of non-violent resistance to oppression.

Taking an undocumented pre-verbal child from undocumented parents, is virtually ensuring that parent and child will never be reunited. That's pretty close to a definition of evil in my book.

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