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My two pence on this is I actually do have a very specific sensitity - mobile phones connected on GSM/2G (but not 3G/4G) while on a call held in the normal to the ear position.

Used to be quite a pronounced effect back in the day, but advances in mobile phones have meant the microwave power required for a call have dropped. Sensed as an uncofortable vague tingling sensation on side of the head. I don't consider myself 'hypersensitive' and it would be quite a limitation to kill all my wifi connected kit!

My own experiences lead me conclude it's merely sensitivity of nerve cells to microwave warming effects/nerve impulse actvation/disruption. Neither of which are implausible from a physics or biology point of view.

However, the idea an electric meter has a Magneto scale EM field seems a bit much - did anyone try sticking a faraday cage around the meter? Or even wrapping it in tinfoil and grounding it?

Should also be fairly easy to test a meter in a physics lab too.

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