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Google: Read my lips. You cannot link up a G Suite account with Nest smart home gizmos


Just like Drat, I am in the same position, along with so many others. You only have to see the number of Forums related to the problem with using Google Home products with Gsuite accounts to realize how many people are affected and for how long this has been a problem.

Google fail to make this clear around any of their products and it is extremely frustrating to have purchased them and find usage is limited.

Many of us were encouraged on to the Google apps platform in it's BETA days (now Gsuite) and have a lot of investment in it. yet we are now stuck because we cannot use any of the products that would be useful (Family/One etc ) not to mention the limits around usage of Google home devices.

Most of us are willing and would welcome te opportunity to pay for additional services but we just can't!

Google continue to avoid answering any questions around their plans for this, other than to ask us to provide feedback t their engineering teams.

If only they had a Gsuite type service that was available for families and worked with all their products.

what makes it even worse is how difficult it is to migrate from Gsuite to a gmail account!

At the moment I am in the process of moving to O365 - weirdly I will then have a better experience and integration with Google products than before!!!

Admittedly it won't be perfect.

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