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EMF sensitivity could be real.

I'm posting this anonymously because I work in IT and I'd like to continue doing so.

Having said that, I personally know 3 families or individuals who have started to suffer hallucinations after having a smart meter installed. 2 of them didn't even know what a smart meter was, and it wasn't until afterwards and someone happened to mention it and made the connection. One family startred having nightmares, and were convinced that there was ghost in the house. Their cat kept falling over, and the dog started acting strange. When the smart meter was taken away, all the problems mentioned went away.

I know it's really easy to write these things off as "tin foil hat brigade" and it's really easy to take the piss, but I'm convinced there is something to this. And it doesn't seem so implausible as you might initially think. Is it not possible that certain frequencies could have an effect in your mammals brains that we don't really understand just yet?

This is how science works. Someone has a wacky idea, and the present dogma calls it insane and discredits that person, and they never work again. Years later it turns out to be true and scientific understanding is moved forward (usually after the original nutcase has died). Sadly this holds back science, as people are scared to put forward anything too different from current thinking for fear of ridicule. Of course, throughout history there have been plenty more examples of people having wacky ideas which have proven to be just that.

Anyway, I'd say some proper experimntation needed and don't just write this off. You know, a double-blind anonymised random trial with enough people. It would not even be that difficult to set up (unlike trials with diet, which are bloody difficult to control).

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