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Easy: If you work with IT and want to get onto The Board, like those hair-dressers in HR already are, you will need to have an IT-budget that is visible on the summary reporting levels that the top management are presented with. If you are not visible there, you and your problems are, per definition, totally insignificant (because the CEO's only deals with important issues).

Luckily, VMWare, SAP, Enovia, Rational and so on completely understands your ambitions and problems; They will help solve it for you.

The FOSS-guy, that really skilled BOFH who basically runs everything for nothing, will remain in the windowless basement office because he (it will be a He), costing 'nothing', is totally invisible to the CEO-aisle, unless something breaks! So, all the CEO-aisle ever hear from that guy is: Problems!!

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