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Back in the days when IT had to carry out substantial month end processing on a Sunday morning* on an AS/400 I had it sorted so that, if I wanted to work away from home, I could dial in to work via the Nokia mobile with an IrDA** connection to the laptop.

Sat outside my tent at a rally, laptop connected to phone processing away when the connection drops. Cue putting phone and laptop adjacent to each other with a dark sweater over the top to block out the bright sunlight.

*We used to get 1/2 day off in lieu for doing so. When that was stopped we reduced the processing to an absolute minimum and told the bean counters they'd have to do the rest themselves.

**For reasons to do with signal levels the serial cable would only work reliably if the phone was fully charged and plugged in so it wasn't an ideal alternative when there was no mains power.

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