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Flaming idiot, social justice warrior and political hack

"what's the point of pulling it from a repository?"

because he's a FLAMING MORON?

"Oh look, LAW ENFORCEMENT is using somethign I wrote, and I am a FLAMING IDIOT and SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR so I am going to ACT LIKE AN ASSHAT and remove something that's probably been COPIED A BOZILLIAN TIMES and could EASILY BE RETRIEVED BY VIEWING THE HISTORY IN THE REPO..."

Number 1: It's a LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATION at the border. You know, THE COPS. if you don't like the laws, BLAME THE PEOPLE WHO WROTE THEM (Congress, over the last 20 years or so).

(I bet if I illegally tried to enter the EU, or the UK, I'd be treated to a JAIL CELL. When MOBS of foreigners show up at our doorstep, we can't just "let them in", ya know, and then THEY EXPECT TO BE FED AND CLOTHED AND HOUSED AND TREATED FOR WHATEVER FORNICATING DISEASES THEY HAVE, and OH LOOK I JUST HAD A BABY and now he's A CITIZEN OF YOUR COUNTRY and NOW I CAN STAY AND GET WELFARE MONEY - 3 card monty and shell game, and we're a bunch of PATSIES)

Number 2: If you put it out there as OPEN SOURCE, you're GIVING IT AWAY. when you GIVE something, and you try to CONTROL HOW IT IS USED, it's NOT A GIFT ANY MORE. You are CHARGING RENT.

Number 3: I am _SO_ _SICK_ of FLAMING ASSHATS doing things like this.

Number 4: Don't rely on other people's repos for your appliation's distribution. HOST IT YOURSELF.

We've seen this happen before, with some pointless trivial utility in NodeJS, a year or so ago...

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