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"There's a lot missing from this story."

For one thing, for those who don't believe her, this is right at the start of a lawsuit so why not let the case play out under the scrutiny of judges and lawyers, just even a little? We're at the first draft of history, here.

I know Reg readers love it when we debunk stuff, and you may be expecting us to do that here, but I don't think our role at this moment is to attempt to debunk a sex assault case mid-proceedings - as if there's some kind of gold-standard in rape claims and we've got to immediately judge her case against that.

"initially the accuser said nothing about rape"

Generally, it takes people time to come to terms with serious assault. Maybe it's taken her two years to work up the courage to this point and be so blunt and open about it.

How about, we report what's claimed, and then follow the process through the courts. We're all for critical thinking, and dispelling untruths; I just think it's premature for that right now, especially on such a non-trivial, sensitive, and personal matter.


PS: We're aware of the details you mentioned. Not sure we want to get into any revolting nitpicking of the as-described ordeal, especially before the case has even got underway.

PPS: I used to be a court reporter way back in the day. I've seen some people's claims torn apart during hearings. Allegations completely demolished. If you don't believe the person in this case, so be it - but at least wait for the process to play out.

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