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No one is going to replace devices that are a couple years old with brand new ones. When you have insurance on your car that's been in an accident they promise to use new or like new parts, but no one expects them to supply you with a whole new car!

And then your car, with its 8 year body work warranty that you have 6 years left on, has no warranty at all anymore.

I bought a brand new car & I've told the insurance company when I took it out that I wanted to put it to manufacturer approved bodyshop so that it didn't get refurb parts and its bodywork warranty wiped out should the worst happen. If they said no, I went elsewhere.

Wouldn't expect a brand new car, but would expect new parts, due to its age and value.

HOWEVER a better example is my car BREAKS DOWN under warranty, I take it in and the dealership/manufacturer decide to repair it with 2nd user parts, then I am going to be very cheesed off.

Maybe if Apple made the devices more serviceable the complainant, could have simply received a brand new battery allowing him to keep his ,only used by him & bought brand new, device.

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