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I needed to set up a rack of systems to help support some software, but had no official budget for an install in my local lab, so I rummaged about in our stores for some adequate but long-EOL boxes that weren't being used. Along with them I found some unused HP "ProCurve" GB switches that had been bought many years before (we've been acquired between times, so my current company wasn't even the one that bought them). I racked them all up and used them for a year, then we had a power cut, and the switches failed to restart afterwards.

I had no budget to replace my unofficial rack setup, but discovering that ProCurve had a "lifetime" warranty, I called HP support to see if they'd do anything. To my very pleasant surprise they said "sure, we'll replace them". They did exactly that (at their expense, shipping included), and the replacements have been humming away happily for years.

I know, it's unfashionable to say nice things about HP, but kudos to them, they do respect their lifetime warranty agreement.

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