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Sounds to me more like Apple incompatibility with non Apple devices.

For a while we had this on every pair of BT headphones, turns out that this is well known.

The problem seems to be that in order to meet strict EMC requirements Apple used the exact frequency reference whereas cheaper headphones did not, resulting in passband being slightly off with variations in ambient temperature by a fraction of a MHz so packets got lost in the noise.

Of course a PC or Android BT card has stricter requirements so usually works fine however in my experience very short range.

It can to some extent be patched in software, Apple did actually release a fix for the older iPads and headphone(s) then worked.

So did the Android tablets after this fix.

Incidentally this can be checked with an SDR, at least in my experience BT headsets etc use the 26 MHz band as a reference clock and so can be tested with a modified dongle.

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