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Like FF22 I have my reservations about the story. The failings of US law enforcement and judiciary aside, kidnapping + serial rape under threat of a firearm is quite an accusation, and not something that's easily dismissed. Especially when the one accused is not "someone who jumped you in the dark" , but easily identifyable.

Which raises the next question: If events transpired as the lady described, how did she end up home, with a receipt/invoice for the ride, and not in a bodybag? Sad statistics prove that cases like this where the assailants can be identified tend to have a rather less happy outcome than a hangover and a bill that's higher than expected for the victim.

The lady in question and her crusade are easily googled, and people can make up their mind about the story for themselves, but the entire story is not quite as depicted in the article.

That said, it is a fact that the likes of Uber and Lyft only seem to comply with even the most basic checks and balances established for their particular type of business unless forced with the legal equivalent of a rectal cavity search with a spiked bat, and not just in the US. Which is something that does need to change.

Whether this particular lawsuit, given the number of question marks it raises, is the best way to go about it? Time will tell.

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