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Woman sues Lyft, says driver gang-raped her at gunpoint – and calls for app safety measures we can't believe aren't already in place

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Something doesn't add up.

She reported the incident within 24 hours to Lyft but waited another day before making the difficult decision to report the incident to police.

So she had no problem calling a faceless corporation and reporting the kidnapping and rape, then took issue with them ignoring her pleas and insisting she pay the fare. However, it was a difficult decision to report the incident to police. Doesn't add up.

A investigative viewpoint a rape kit would have been done ( and was ) , this would have obtained DNA ( may still be present days after the attack ) counselling and support groups are automatically involved. Considering the "state line" scenario and the allegation of kidnapping, FBI are involved. The allegation and the evidence obtained from the rape kit , is more the sufficient to obtain either a Court order or subpoena for Lyft to provide the name of the driver. Failure to do so is tantamount to aiding and abetting after the fact for all felony charges.

Interestingly, if Lyft ignored the subpoena and the offender then commits a similar offence (kidnap and/or sexual assault). There is legal precedents to support Aid and Abetting before the fact charges.

So yeah something doesn't add up....

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