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I've worked in the legal system for many years. You appear to have a lot more confidence in it than I do. Given that her statements are true, there are many factors that may have prevented a prosecution, the most basic of which is sufficient evidence. What evidence she may have to support her allegations, I don't know, but she has to have more than her unsupported word if she has any hope of prevailing even in civil court.

Can't speak for New York, but in California, for quite a while you've had to get fingerprinted by police and have driver's license and criminal background check to get a license to drive a regular taxicab. I know this because 30+ years ago, I drove a cab while going to school. But these "gig economy" rides are exempt from that law, it seems. Lawmakers could and should, IMHO, cure that right away. Whether or not her story is true, putting "gig" drivers under the background check law would be a step in the right direction.

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