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If Syria pioneered grain processing by watermill in 350BC, the UK in 2019 can do better... right?

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One point to make is that places like Germany have increased automation to offset the high costs of labour, unlike the UK where they have used a combination of zero hours and immigrant labour to do the same job. As a result UK productivity is low compared to most of europe

As an example. in the UK we have loads of hand car wash places. In Germany it is automated. UK PLC just don't want to invest if they can just employ cheap drones

With UK industry based on access to cheap labour It will be interesting to see how UK firms cope with reduction of legal immigration. My guess, like a junkie coming off their fix, it will not be pretty, requiring huge investment in automation at the time when margins are being squeezed or instead companies with a international presence will just offshore production to sites where the investment has already occurred

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