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Same here too

I have the same experience here in the UK - in my case it's a Flex that my wife used until she got a Charge 2 a while ago, it used to sync regularly if not completely reliably. For the past month it no longer syncs unless I reset it with a paperclip while at the same time rebooting my phone. I was hopeful this morning, it worked on its own for the first time in a month; but my happiness was short-lived, it's back to not syncing.

My wife has a Charge 3 now and it had a few day's outage but is now working. I suppose it's not really surprising that a manufacturer focuses on newer kit when updating applications, the lesson is that if your hardware relies on a "free" support model in the cloud then it probably won't have a very long life. It could become quite a common problem - the "send destination to car" function for my 3-year old car has been abandoned by the manufacturer, purchasers of less common e-books have lost content, and I worry that some of the "smart devices" in my home might suddenly stop working in the same way.

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