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Well, judging by the language used the doctor is suffering from a case of cultural bias. "Strong stable connections" in the brain are, as far as I can remember from my lectures in brain physiology way back when, more a result of regular reinforcement than imbibing magic potions.

But there's an easy control... Someone in the UK pick this up...

As pointed out in the comments, tea is a staple beverage in the UK. As a nation it has both people who live their life as regular and "healthy" as clockwork asians, and people who live their lives less ...regulated. It also has the NHS and, at least in theory, a shedload of brain scans ( with casus/anamnesis) of people who fall in either category ( or any other control you'd like to apply).

It's almost a given that the UK being the UK a hefty portion of those scans fit the "must drink at least 4 cuppas a week for 25 years" criterium mentioned in the article. So there should be no problem getting a large enough sample to test pro/con the doctor's statement.

This, and a couple of other issues re: brains, could keep an entire department happy for years. With pretty decent IgNobel potential as well..

Someone has a cousin looking for a dissertation subject?

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