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> Online fire safety training at work included one page which stated quite clearly - with pictures - that the maximum current you should take from a UK socket is 16A. I did point out the mistake to H&S but it was still there the next year. This year they changed training provider...

Go on then, I'll bite. Why do you think this is wrong?

UK ring main is 2.5mm^2 cable which can take a sustained 16A. There is a ring, which gives another 16A coming the other way, but only if the ring is directly connected to the socket. If there is a tap or drop cable from the ring to the socket then the tap will only be 2.5mm^2 wires so limiting the current to 16A or the tap will overheat. So, unless you happen to know exactly how the socket is wired, the 16A value is a safe one.

Of course, with enough electric heaters it is possible to overload the ring without overloading any one socket, but I don't think that was the point the training course was trying to make.

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