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Wall Street analyst slashes HP Inc's share rating amid mounting worries over printer supplies declines

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Move with the times

I wonder if this is related to an of the following :

1. A reduction in the amount that people print because everything is electronic (home, office, even paperless billing for virtually everything)

2. A PDF weighs less in your laptop or on your VDI than half a ream of paper in your bag

3. Companies don't like remote printing at home or you taking paperwork out of the office

4. Once you've printed it, you need to shred it, so more cost and hassle

5. Printer companies try and rip off people on the cost per page for ink

6. Colour ? - you want colour - yep, its still 1980 in marketing land, that FAR more per page.because CMY costs far more to make than K

7. People got fed up of inkjet printers as they always clog up so the cost per page and the inconvenience gets far higher and people say "stuff it"and bin the printer

8. Presentations are now not done on slices of dead tree, but via a bunch of electronic methods where handing out paper gets kind'a tricky

9. Nobody is expected to read so much these days, its got to be moving pictures now - watch the video instead of reading the briefing

10 The space in houses and offices are getting smaller, so there is nowhere to put a mountain of A4 paper that you will definitely read later

Suggestions for HP and other printer manufacturers

1. Move with the times, just like stone tablets, dead tree printing is in decline (and more worryingly so are the trees that allow us to breathe).

2. Charge far less for printing consumables

3. Consider how you communicate to the outside world - do you still use dead tree within your company ? do you expect us to do it differently in ours ?

4. Come back in a year or two and let us know how your strategy is panning out.

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