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UK ISPs must block access to Nintendo Switch piracy sites, High Court rules

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Here's a legit reason to go the 'Arrrrrr' route:

Getting content that the current owner of refuses to make available via any commercially accepted means except via broadcast.

There was a rather good cartoon made back in the mid 90's. it was only three seasons, but it does have a fanbase. Said property was created by a certain mega-corp with mouse ears.

As of this writing, I can only find the first two seasons of that show for commercial sale on DVD. (We'll politely ignore the fact that it took mega-corp nearly ten years to release the second half of the second season...) They've never released the last season on dvd. ever.

If I want that magical last season for completion's sake? Guess what, I have to put on my eyepatch and fire up the ol' bittorrent client, because that's the only place I can get it without doing rather a lot of work. (plus, other people have been polite enough to do said work and put it on said torrent sites...)

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