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Lets fix your comment.


You have a a car, I steal the car, you no longer have the car.


You have a car, I copy your car, you still have your car.

Piracy is not theft or stealing. I'm not saying piracy is right but it needs to be treated differently and not at the behest of corporations that lobby governments.

Piracy exists in games because they are too expensive. £60 for game? Then DLC on top of that. Disgraceful.

Piracy exists in television and movies because you now have to subscribe to multiple services to get everything.

Piracy exists in football for the same reason.

I will close with the argument that piracy wouldn't exist/be as bad if these companies and rights holders didn't try to screw every single last penny out of people. If all the Nintendo switch games were £20 I doubt many people would actually pirate them.

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