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Re: "start pulling that content away from Netflix/Sky etc."

They will soon discover that the balkanization of services will lead to less customers, not more.

Maybe. Maybe not. It's too early to tell.

I've read that Sky are starting to lose subscribers. because people can now get films in other ways.

Amazon are a weird outlier, because Amazon Prime is pretty cheap and also gets you free delivery of stuff you may already be buying and free Kindle books on loan and access to Amazon music. That bundle makes their service look pretty cheap to a lot of people. So I can see a lot of people keeping them as a second service.

Sky are now starting to market Now TV as a short term solution to not paying the full-whack for Sky Sports. You can get "day-passes" and "month-passes".

Interestingly most of the online subscription services at the moment are only month-to-month deals anyway (Prime is just cheaper if paid for a year in advance). So this could be the way the market shakes out. Sub to Netflix for a month or two. Watch the shows on your list - then cancel the sub and move on to the exclusives on Disney or Apple.

But when I've suggested this to friends who have Netflix and are annoyed some show is exclusive to someone else - all of them have looked surprised and as if this is a strange idea. As if they feel their subscription is permanent, even though there's no reason for it to be.

So it may be that people don't like that idea, and will want to sign up to several of these at once.

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