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"This is a phone for people several generations behind, maybe 7 or even 6S/SE users."

No it's not. I would assume that most people on an older handsets are still on them because they function perfectly well, and do exactly what they need it to do. I was perfectly happy on a 6 last year until it was stolen, so I just went to my mobile provider and got a reconditioned 8 for next to nothing because that is all they had.

If you ask me would I pay over £1,000 for a phone then I'd say that you must be joking. If my 8 broke, then I could go to CEX and get a 2nd hand 6 or 7 for around £200, or just get a reconditioned replacement for almost naff all. There has been no innovation in mobile devices for years that justifies the ever soaring costs, and this is true for these new Apple ones - with any use case for so called "premium features" [lol!!] becoming slimmer and slimmer. I'd actually suggest the only reason they are priced so high is because so many people are choosing to keep their existing handsets longer, but Apple just have to keep those profits coming from somewhere to keep the shareholders happy right?

So feel free... go fill yer' boots if you need to feel superior about it; but I think you're a total mug for doing so. Whatever you do though, don't allow yourself to admit that you've been taken for a ride by the marketing. Just stay in that bubble wrap of denial yes? * smirk *

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