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Waited for the "SE2", too. But finally got fed up with my 4S, so got an Xr.

This will be good for some time.

There might be an SE2 next year (as every year). But it won't be as small as the SE. Most apps look shit these days on small displays.

I've started to think that Apple does an SE2 every year but never releases it. It's only being done on the off-chance that sales tank dramatically and they need to pull the iPhone-equivalent of a rabbit out of their hat (made from bespoke materials).

Prototypes surface all the time, sometimes even case-designs. But the prototypes never make it to production. Hence the above conclusion.

The Xr has grown on me (ha). Sort of.

I miss the ease of handling the 4S had. It was much, much less prone to accidental dropping.

I think I could still use an SE or even a 4S (with more modern innards). Just would skip on a lot of apps and generally spend less time with it (which is bad for all the businesses who want to extract time, money and commitment from you via your phone).

So you see: those small screens aren't coming back. Ever.

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