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I watched the keynote.

Arcade with boring games at 4.99 and TV+ at 4.99, enough to cause a stir, unlikely cheap for apple offerings.

iPhone 11, Chinese looking lady talking excitedly, I liked her, she was likable somehow and demoing a new Chinese game that uses the GPU that you will be able to pre-order next month. A clear push to get iphone 11 into Chinese market.

iPhone 11 pro, American fella talking how PRO it is.. A clear hint that a true American should buy iPhone 11 pro.

Since all these offerings use the EXACT same dimensions and tooling as Xr, Xs, XS max I can see why Johnny Ives resigned. Absolutely NO update on the design front compared to last year. Only a new camera module and CPU.

The Xr got up to iPhone 8+ standard as it should have been from the start. Xr and 8 retained in the lineup but with a new gimped 128GB memory capacity as maximum size.

For me the standout is the wath always on display, (another given for a wathc you might think) and iphone 11. The pro model is just not for me as I am not into gaming. Unlike TheRegister, the ability to use both/all cameras at the same time, back and front will be a massive hit, is that also available on iPhone 8?!

Technology updates was fine, but ZERO deign updates. The Xr/Iphone 11 is still to thick/fat, then new iPad also looks too fat. The pro models are heavy.

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