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Why not describe to everyone how the entire Web ecosystem works?

Instead of just insinuating how Big and Bad Google is why not explain how the entire desktop ecosystem works? The truth is "everyone's at it" and Google's just the best at what it does. The fact that what everyone's doing is a sophisticated piece of traffic analysis that lays bare everyone's soul -- and not just everyone who uses that particular service -- seems to get lost in the wash. It shouldn't be this way, I've been grumbling about this for literally decades (not just because of the connection graphs but because their crapware (sorry, 'scripting') is gumming up my computer) but if you shut it down then an entire industry and thousands and thousands of jobs would just evaporate (so I can't see that happening).

I see the current flurry of lawsuits as just chancers seeing their opportunity to get a piece of Google's action. Nothing will change until we understand the economy that's underpinning the Web and make a conscious choice to move away from it.

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