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Oh and minor nitpick, to get the same energy as the Chicxulub impact you need a bit more than a few thousand Tsar bombs. Copied from Wikipedia:

The Chicxulub impactor had an estimated diameter of 11–81 kilometres (6.8–50.3 mi), and delivered an estimated energy of 21–921 billion Hiroshima A-bombs 1.3*10^24 and 5.8*10^25 joules, or 1.3–58 yottajoules). For comparison, this is ~100 million times the energy released by the Tsar Bomba, a thermonuclear device ("H-bomb") that remains the most powerful man-made explosive ever detonated, which released 210 petajoules (2.1*10^17 joules, or 50 megatons TNT).

My own calculation based on the numbers in the article would come at just over 3 million Tsar bombs, so I don't think the number of little johns in the article is entirely accurate.

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