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Re: (Amazon) was showing me ads for dishwashers

I hate ads. I'm all against tracking. I block tracking companies and their ads.

We all know how to do it.

However, I'm fed up of the sanctimonious posts that are always posted here when the subject pops up, along the lines of "What are adverts? LOL, I never see adverts. I block them all"

Yes, we get it.

Still, blocking *ALL* ads, however innocent, just for the hell of it just makes you a sponger. You may as well write:

Paying for items? Ha ha, what's that? I never pay for anything. It's easy to just walk out when the shopkeeper is looking the other way

Now, I realise (and look forward to) all the downvotes because of my tortured analogy implying blocking ads is the same as stealing, but I don't mean that, I just mean the general smug attitude of someone thinking they are somehow special for blocking all ads on a page as if it's some pious activity.

It's like morons who downvote android games for not being free.

El Reg wouldn't be here without adverts.

People need to eat.

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