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Re: making BILLIONS out of you, and you are getting nothing for it

while I have google as much as I hate lawyers, politicians, etc, etc., I think it is VERY unfair to claim that we're getting nothing for it. We are getting something for it, and google maps / earth / books / search / gmail and all other "free" stuff (ah, yes, that android thingy too) is this something.

I'm not claiming it's a good deal (I'd love to get this something for REAL "FREE", eh?), and it's not a fair deal in the sense that they don't tell you the real price, baiting you with FREE, but it is a deal. You give them your privacy, which you are not able to monetize, and they give you something for your privacy that they are able to monetize. And while I deplore that the humans are such cheap whores (and the long-term price will be, perhaps, devastating), a huge majority of my fellow earthlings decided it's a GREAT deal, so I can only deplore, and shrug, because no amount of pleading and explaining is going to change their nature.

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