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Like a grotty data addict desperately jonesing for its next fix, Google just can't stop misbehaving

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I think that perhaps you might be in the minority here but you are making the dangerous assumption that everyone is the same. Heck, I have used google for many years previously. When Farcebook first came out I was all over that. Not everyone is attuned to ignoring adverts and shunning the influences of the internet.

But also, if you think that adverts do not affect you in the slightest then you are being horribly naive. I would hazard a guess that if I asked you to name a few memorable adverts from younger years gone past you would have no problem spewing back a few. I know that kids of today would be able to name more than a few. Granted those are more tv/radio adverts but adverts non the less.

Ok, so currently I couldn't give you an example of Google not being evil. Fair enough. Though I think it is perhaps only a matter of time.

But I think the problem runs much, much deeper than that. Your comments leads into conversations I have had many times over with friends/family when I have asked them to take down pictures of my family from Farcebook or advised them against using Faceapp and such programs. The response I always get is "Ahh.. what do I care if some company has all this information on me. It doesn't affect me".

So you use their app for a laugh and they now have rights over your image. Could potentially use your face in haemorrhoid cream adverts in Malaysia or whatnot. But hey, what should I care. It's not like I am in a position to monetize my face in advertising. And granted if you tried you probably wouldn't get much work. Heck I know I wouldn't buy anything with my ugly mug on it.

How about that Harvard student that was denied entry into the US over his friends social media posts. Sure it got overturned eventually but that was authorities abusing their power you say... oh yes indeed. And that never happens in this world right?

Your grandmother (bless her heart who doesn't know about all this tech stuff and has her Social media open for the world to see) posting some holiday pictures to come home and find her house has been robbed. Sure, it might have happened and the miscreants could have just done some legwork to find out the same information. But no point in making it easy for them.

I regularly get spam phone calls on my mobile phone. I am guessing from forms or collected data that has been sold/hacked at some point.

As a real world hypothetical would you feel as happy handing over all your information to the authorities in Beijing before you went on a trip there? Perhaps they see that you once participated in a protest. Now you are on a watch list.

I realise that perhaps this is all a bit extreme and alarmist, but you have to see that in the wrong hands this information could be a dangerous thing.


The point with companies having this information is that they seem to have a entitled view on your data. If you are not paying for a service/product then you ARE the product.

Add to that Knowledge is power. When you are giving companies all the power and saying you are happy for them to sell you as a product, all for an easy search tool, then you obviously hold your own worth in very low regard.

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