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Re: Not once have I been harmed by them having access to my data

"How do you know that the price you've paid for something or the choice of goods and services you've been offered or the political messages you've seen haven't been influenced?"

I shop around, I rarely buy anything that has been advertised to me, not sure why I'd pay more just because I use Googles services. How much I pay for something is how much I'm willing to pay.

As for political views, I'm quite firm on those and have a bigger problem if I'm easily influenced by an advert I saw online.

So still nothing that scares me here. No detrimental impact. As for your last comment about information not being used exclusively for my benefit. What examples do you have of Googles data on me not being used for my benefit? More so in a way that could harm me. I've not seen any results of that in my life at all so far.

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