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> tickets struck in the wrong status are apparently a site problem, not a Jira problem

Technically that's true.

JIRA let's you amend/modify workflows, including what statuses a ticket of a given type is allowed to transition to from other statuses.

So, if someone's set up

In Progress -> Fuck it can't be arsed

And not allowed

In Progress -> Done

Then you're going to get a bunch of tickets in "Fuck it can't be arsed" rather than "Done". Technically that's the fault of whoever set it up, not JIRA itself.

The wisdom of JIRA letting you shoot yourself in the foot in that manner, though is something else.

My JIRA's install's always worked well for me, but the crucial bit is, I do not change the default flows/settings. I've been places where JIRA's been a nightmare, though, and without fail someone's always "improved" the workflows in some way and made life hell for all the other users.

It's using the right tool for the right job though, sometimes JIRA just isn't the right tool

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