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The wheels on the bus go round and... Oh dear. Chancellor Sajid Javid unveils spending review

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a figure slightly out because it didn't account for the UK's rebate.

It failed to take account of the rebate and it also failed to take account of the investment from the EU in projects in this country. Things like the massive road improvement scheme on the Heads of the Valleys road. It also failed to take account of the myriad private companies taking EU money for products and services. The best estimate I've seen which accounts for the rebate and the public spending puts the real figure well below £200M, and althogh the private company figure is impossible to calculate accurately, it's at least another few tens of millions off that.

So not 'slightly out', but likely at least double the real figure.

I've made the argument before about taxing the rich to help the poor so I won't make it again.

The irony is that they really didn't need to exaggerate. They could have used a figure of £150M and the sorts of people who resent a proportion of their domestic taxes being used to educate other people's children or to cure other people's ilnesses would still have been outraged.


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