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but benefit their financial backers who have been vigorously shorting sterling for the last month or two.

Ah, like this one?

Boris Johnson's decision to suspend parliament is an unlawful abuse of power, lawyers representing businesswoman Gina Miller have said.

But she's doing it for 'democracy', not because she disagrees with the referendum result. Amusingly she's also joined by another millionaire, one J.Major Esq, who previously prorogued parliament for an extended period to avoid troublesome cash for questions. So presumably Major's prorogation would also have been an unlawful abuse of power. How awkward.

But surely the democratic way to resolve this is go to the people, and let them vote on the government they want to represent the UK during these 'diffilcult' times. Corbyn would have a clear democratic mandate to negotiate on the UK's behalf..

But he's bottled it. The UK voted to leave the EU, the UK still hasn't left.. That isn't democracy, that's a clear demonstration that a large section of Parliament isn't interested in representing the will of their electorate.

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