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The politicians making a hash of it are brexiteers. Well, I suppose May wasn't originally, but she at least managed to get some kind of deal. Rees-Mogg has so far only managed to make lots of money for his company in Ireland.

Hmm.. So there was a deal. The EU told us it was the only deal. The EU told us we must take it, or leave it.

So Parliament voted against that deal 3 times. It didn't produce a counter deal for the EU to reject. Instead, it's wibbled about 'democracy' whilst ignoring the referendum result. So we're now in an odd position where the Remnants demand a better deal, have regularly demanded a General Election, but when given the chance, have bottled the opportunity to lead the EU negotiations or the UK in general.

It's strange that HM's Loyal Opposition aren't jumping at the chance to lead the UK, lead the negotiations, secure us a better deal and respect the wishes of the people. Then again, I guess it would be rather unfortunate & undemocratic if we, the people didn't vote Corbyn..

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