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"Taking someone's photograph in public is not invasive"

If you are thinking that a single photograph is not invasive then you're probably correct. The problem is there isn't just one camera taking your picture. They're almost ubiquitous, particularly in metro-like areas, and so simply travelling from point A to point B you are likely to be photographed multiple times... that's the invasive part. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of the "free" society I live in? Is it to be tracked everywhere you go, to have all your purchases monitored, to turn people into products?

Imagine if someone followed you around all day, day after day taking your photograph whenever they felt like it. Perhaps you personally would put up with this but what if they did the same to your family? You've been conditioned by authorities that it's "ok" to live like this and that you have no right to privacy when if fact this is completely false. Do you have curtains on your windows at home? Do you close the door when you go to the toilet or get changed? Do you let others watch your family when they are shower? If you do any of these things then deep down you do believe in your right to privacy.

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