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Since joining the common market Britain has been in steady economic decline, we've lost many large companies, run up a huge trade defecit, seen our relative world standing fade, while in real terms our young people are poorer than they were. So in hindsight we didn't join for selfish gain, but to assist the economic development of other EU countries. So why complain now if leaving the EU causes some short term pain, from your short-termist selfish perspective?

Because, Mr AC, he wasn't saying its going to cause them pain. Something affecting our EU exports is going to cause job losses and recession here. Jacob Rees-Smug lounging on the front benches and Bloody Stupid Johnson calling Corbyn "Caracas" is not "winning", its the last death throws of the Tory party.

"No deal" would cause awful economic problems for the UK, and the probable break-up of the UK.

May's deal is like staying in the EU, but with none of the benefits.

PS: GDP growth since joining the EC. Oh look, we're all connected in one global economy, who the fuck knew.

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