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If I was labour I'd simply declare universal credit was cancelled as a failed policy implemented by a failed politician from a failed and out of touch party and then reinstate the legacy benefits it was meant to replace, and run a serious Universal Basic Income trial (though the DWP would do their damndest to sabotage it to preserve their "empire" and funding)

I'd also dismember PIP and you know....listen to the claimants account of their condition and simply ask their doctors if they have the conditions they claim to have, root out Unums et als "advisors" and break up the DWP (which has become an utterly malevolent and unaccountable entity that answers to no one bar itself ) (note how parties and minsiters change but the song never changes...what happens when private insurers take over the agency resposible for welfare, wonder if they have a "benefits monkey" to throw at staff granting welfare claims?, just like the border agency had an "asylum monkey" thrown at staff who had granted a claim for asylum)

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