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Remember someone I knew vaguely ~20 years ago who worked in documentation at Sun who was on a mission (? is that an acceptable word - I assume crisade isn't) to "persuade engineers to stop talking about master/slave interfaces" ... 20 years later see that she doesn't seem to have had much impact!

Then again, I remeber some years earlier that another engineer where I worked was informed that a customer had looked at code we'd supplied and had not been impressed to find a routine named "F---ING.AWESOME.BOOTSTRAP.LOADER" (n.b. "---" was actually, obviously, "UCK":-)

And on a completly different tack, I had experience of a Chinese engineer who saw that other engineers wer shortening signals names by dropping letters from the name so he tookup this idea enthusiastically - but I had to point out the that reducing the name "xxx_counter" from a large collection of registers by removing the 'o' and 'er' from their names was not the best choice.

Also, we had some IP from another company where the design contained two "fucntional units" identified as J and K .... so all the interface signals were prefixed by "fuj_" and "fuk_"

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