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"Everything will get more expensive..." Well, at least that might have a beneficial effect on the environment; reduce consumption! Not so good for the economy though.

It's one of those great unknowns. Sort of. Supermarkets probably have a very good idea though. But seeing as the EU grew out of agricultural protectionism, food's an area where there's bound to be a huge amount of data. We import a lot from outside the EU already, some of which will be subject to EU tariffs. If being outside the EU means we can avoid those tariffs, then those products could be cheaper, in some cases a lot cheaper.. So I found this about the wacky world of garlic smuggling-

The damage done to buyers prompted EU officials to create a longer term solution to Europe’s garlic dilemma in 2001, when China entered the WTO, where all garlic that exceeded the preset quota limit would be subject to a 9.6 percent ad valorem tariff and an additional fee of 1,200 euros per tonne.

And apparently the UK's been a key garlic smuggling hub, and hence why the EU keeps fining us. Which means more costs for the Garlic Enforcement Agency.

Plus there are other interesting possibilities. So consider poor'ol Ukraine. Convinced that it should embrace the EU, it sacrificed it's trade with Russia. Slight snag, much of the stuff Ukraine produces is also subject to EU internal production quotas, so can't be sold to other EU members easily. Of course it can be exported to non-EU members, like the UK.. Not necessarily good news if it's cereals, because that would obviously compete with our own farmers, but could mean cheaper sunflower seeds & stuff we don't grow (or can't grow) here.

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