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* aside: Oh what fun if you've bought a second hand mac and you don't have the version of the OS it ships with tied to your iCloud account.

I don't know, I did exactly that. Picked up a used mid-2010 MBP, immediately wiped the HDD because I wanted to start the system out fresh (and whatever the former owners had on it was none of MY business). First tested it out with a Mint live-DVD to see it was functional (and that was when I wiped the disk). Figured I'd have to order a reinstall disk, or have a colleague with a Mac pull down a reinstall image. Then I found out about the internet reinstall option. It *did* take 3 or 4 retries until it started doing the install, but surprisingly it worked.

Now if only Apple's hardware hadn't turned to shit in the past 8 years.

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