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"Naturally, all user data is wiped with this option"

I knew it. The latest and greatest Microsoft OS of the 3rd Millennium is still completely incapable of handling user data.

Why can Microsoft not understand that user data needs to be on its own partition ?

It think, at this point, it has to be genetic. There's some sort of biological block in the brains of people working in Redmond. They just can't fathom the idea of having one partition for the OS, and one for the data. Kind of like asking a cockroach to conceive the notion of flight.

It's all the more incredible in that today's hard disks or SSDs are thousands of times larger than what existed when Windows first saw the light of day and, on top of that, Windows has a built-in partition manager that, while basic, is still quite functional. So it's not like Redmond doesn't know that partitions exist. Hell, Windows will create two of them for you right on install. So why not add a third one ?

Nope, they can't handle that.

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