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a 128 bits wide Von Neuman architecture machine simply does not have enough bits to solve P=NP problems in a resonable amount of time.

We would have to goto an ALL-STATES-AT-ONCE Quantum Computer and when someone FINALLY gets around to being able to read Q-bits without decohering them THEN I could realistically solve a P=NP problem such as reducing the number of tries it takes to find a 2^256 bits long decryption key down to less than 2^128 tries!

Example Problem: Get the ORIGINAL decrypt Key of 256-bit AES-256 encrypted Wikileaks insurance files on a linear time and one-after-another-tries basis is simply BEYOND the capabilities of this system BUT since I know a LOT about the Social proclivities of Julian Assange and his crew, I can break down 2^256 tries to a much more manageable 2^128 tries simply by IGNORING what I know they REASONABLY WILL NOT LIKELY USE as Wikileaks Insurance File Passwords AND having quite a bit of knowledge about WHAT TYPE of pseudo-random number generators they would have LIKELY used to derive "random" passwords!

Ergo, I can LIKELY use this 128-bits wide supercomputer to TRULY BREAK all 5 of the still encrypted Wikileaks Insurance files because I'm keeping my number of decrypt key tries to 2^128 or less simply BECAUSE I am reasonably SURE than Wikileaks will EXCLUDE certain key lengths and/or text randomizations as their Insurance File password!


BINGO !!!! I win and YOU Jane and Joe Q. Public get to SEE the ENTIRE contents of the Wikileaks Insurance Files!


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